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 Welcome to Hunter's Trace Subdivision

Last update:  1/16/2021

This site was created to provide a central source of information for our members and visitors.  Remember the goals of this organization are to "Retain the beauty, serenity, and equity of our homes in this Subdivision" We cannot do it without the support of everyone.

Recent Announcements - 2020

Taken with my iPhone 12 Pro

Watch tree tree top cutting video: 1/16/2021: Tree top Cutting Video:

Hope everyone had a "Merry Christmas"

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Lights:

Taken with my iPhone 12 Pro with LADAR.


It sure was cold on Dec 26, 2020:


Blake tries the birdbath ice.  12/26/2020


We have a volunteer for the presidency of the HOA.  The Board met on Wednesday, the 28th to appoint Kevin Boutwell who will be serving at least till March when a president will be elected by the membership at our annual meeting.

 Current Board:

Jim Allie jimlou1948pontiac@yahoo.com  219-878-2731

 Tim Bell timothybell7835@gmail.com   352-624-0163 

 Ann Mercer  ann.mercer@yahoo.com  734-497-6721 

 Vince Domeraski  vdomeras@gmail.com  352-804-7626  (leave voicemail)

See the latest Deed Restructions and By-Laws - on the Deed Restrictions Page.


Robin's Humming Bird Video 9/27/2020 Click : Here


Be sure and lock your cars if kept outside.  Someone had stuff stolen from their unlocked car in early September 2020.

We  need a volunteer to be the Hunters Trace Homeowners President!

Homeowners names and addresses 7/28/2020 

July 14, 2020 Letter to Homeowners

A Water Moccasin Snake was seen and killed in Hunters Trace on 6/7/2020.  Watch out for more. 

Sad News: Our Vice-President:   Ann Mercer's husband Mark passed away this week. Our prayers are with her. 

The Hunters Trace Home Owners "Annual Meeting" will be held March 28th at 9:00am next to Jim Ally's side yard and the drainage retention area.  Bring a chair.  Cancelled


On Jan 1, 2020 at 5:30 PM, I saw this large Egret walking in my yard looking for lizards to eat.  He walked very slow and let me get up close to take the pictures. More pictures under "Our Wild Animal Pictures"

On Jan 11, 2020 at about 8:00am while walking my dogs, I saw a fox as seen in the attach pictures.  My dogs barked and pulled, but I was able to get out my phone and take these pictures (Amazing with my dogs).  Some are taken with 2X and some with 10X which is grainy.The fox seemed to be about 30 feet from me and my barking dogs at one point and just stood there watching us.  More pictures under "Our Wild Animal Pictures"

Recent Announcements - 2019

Nate the cat is home after over a month of being missing!   12/21/19

This was the greatest Christmas gift ever --  to get our Nate back.  Apparently, he accidentally hitched a ride in somebody's car or truck because he was about 10 miles from our house. A nine-year-old girl befriended him and got his information off his collar.  She will be getting a very special Christmas gift from Nate.


Ocala Utilities Rebates:

Hunters Trace homeowner can get rebates from Ocala Utilities for New Solor Water Heater, Refrigerator, Programable Thermostat, Freezer, Diswasher, Clothes Dryer, Attic Insulation, Air Conditioner/Heatr Pump, Heat Pump Water Heater, Package Terminal AC or Heat Pump, and Commericial Lighting.  Go to this web site to fillout the rebate form after you buy the item.



Robin's 2019 Hurricane Check List: <--- Click Here


Security Alert: On July 11, 2019 about 5:30 pm, someone went into the fenced back yard of a resident and looked into the house. A automatic camera took a picture as shown below.  Keep a lookout for strangers and keep your doors locked.  I know several residents have loaded handguns just in case of a break in.

Also a large rattlesnake was on a residents front porch this month.


The Annual Hunters Trace Homeowners Association Metting Was held on Saturday March 30, 2019.  The Minutes of the meeting: "Click Here".

The assessment at $50.00 per home site for 2019/2020 and is due by April 30, 2019.

Also if you walk your dogs, please pick up after them.  This has not been done on 41st Ave.  If you see someone not doing this, please ask them to pick up.


Send me your pet pictures with their name, wildlife pictures, and flowers taken in Hunters Trace for our Web Page.....


The Developer of Hunter’s Trace Subdivision filed a "Declaration for Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants" on March 14, 1989 in Public Records of Marion County , Florida , Book 1564, Pages 1086 through 1100. These Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants apply to each and every home and home site within the Hunter’s Trace Subdivision.

The residents of Hunter’s Trace held meetings on February 19, 20, and 23, 1994  to from a homeowners Association for the protection of the property values within the subdivision. An attorney was retained and corporate papers were completed making it a legal process. The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Hunter’s Trace Homeowners Association, Inc were filed with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations on May 16, 1994 , as a Not-For-Profit corporation under Florida Statute 617 and retains all of the authority and powers granted under this statue.

The primary purpose of the Hunter’s Trace Homeowner’s Association, Inc. is to maintain the beauty of our subdivision. Thereby  seeking voluntary compliance of each homeowner with the Declaration of Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants. This is to assure  increasing value of our homes and home sites and when necessary taking enforcement actions in cases where there is non-voluntary compliance.


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