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 Welcome to Hunter's Trace Subdivision

Last update:  7/19/2024


This site was created to provide a central source of information for our members and visitors.  Remember the goals of this organization are to "Retain the beauty, serenity, and equity of our homes in this Subdivision" We cannot do it without the support of everyone.

Recent Announcements - 2024

Recent pictures from my front yard using my iPhone set ot 15X power.



Saterday night at 10:08 PM I came home and saw two cars on the street in front of my house that I did not reconize.  I drove into my garage and closed the door.  I turned on my porch light for a few minutes. Later Be on the lookout for thing like this and let me or Kevin know.


My 30 year old house has needed many thing replaced or rebuilt in the last year. If yours does, look over my tips in the "News"" page.  See Items, options, & different costs.  Thes are "Tips" for your investigation in upgrading your house.


The annual Hunters Trace Homeowners Meeting was held on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 9:00AM.  At Kevin Boutwell's house -- 5140 NE 7th Place. Bring a chair. There were not enough residents to conduct normal business, but did talk about issues.

I went in my back yard on 4/8/2024 and took these pictures od the Eclipse with a couldy sky.  The temperature went form 83 to 87 degrees.




Some of our 2023 Christmas Decorated Houses:

 I figured out I must keep my iPhone completely still while taking night shots.

Our New Hunters Trace wood fence on NE 7th Street has been installed -12/20/2023.  Be sure and pay for your part of the cost if you have not already done so.

New Roof:  I just had my roof shingles replaced since it was so hard to get house insurance on a roof over 15 years old.  I compared a few quotes and had the best price including all extras including the price from: "Big D Roofing".  They also installed my roof 15 years ago and did an excellent job then.  Call 352-236-2959 or Paula at 352-266-6484 and tell then I sent you there. (Robin Corsiglia).

Yard Sod: I just had part of my yard with new grass by Sod Central.  They did a perfect job and did everything that I asked them to do and had a very good price that was much lower than all other quotes i got.  Three very hard workers that had the equipment and knew how to do the job.  If you need SOD installed call "SOD CENTRAL" and ask for Ken Nelson ---352-671-1763.  Call me for more info (Robin Corsiglia).

My Hurricane Check List: Look it over and see if it will help you prepare.

  1. Buy gasoline for cars & small gas cans(Oil for blower), wireless weather station & generator.
  2. Buy food, bottled water, & dog food.
  3. Get all prescription drugs – including for dogs.
  4. Charge batteries for: cameras, shavers, hair trimmers, drone, flash lights, lanterns, iPads, iPhone, small remote cameras.
  5. Get small plug in TV antenna for possible use.
  6. Change wireless weather station batteries
  7. Connect computer/Speakers/WiFi to Battery Backup


  1. Tie down outside trash cans.
  2. Remove all on front porch including flag, rug, chairs.
  3. Remove bird feeders/weather vane/Scottie Dog weather vane.
  4. Mow the yard & cut bushes/trees that are near the house.
  5. Lock or tie closed outside storage containers.
  6. Fill small dog pool with water on back porch if water loss use for toilets/washing.
  7. Fill large water bottle on back porch with fresh water.
  8. Build generator cover so I can run gas generator in the rain.

Night before:

  1. Turn down refrigerator/freezer to colder, make extra ice.
  2. Run dishwasher.
  3. Wash cloths, bed sheets, towels.
  4. Charge all notebook computers, iPhones, iPads & iPhone.
  5. Get raincoats/ponchos, tarps, masking tape, extension cords, & buckets.
  6. Get box fan, and other small fans out of garage
  7. Take down garage door support brace (Last min.ute only if wind is high.)
  8. Back up computer Hard Drive.
  9. Get dogs rain coats ready – and our rain coats and ponchos
  10. Get tarps and tape and put in back porch.
  11. Vacuum House

Be sure and view "Our Wild Animal Pictures" page to see our recent Fox, Dogs & Cat, Night Cat, and Bumblebee.

Septic Tank Warning Information:

I had to have my septic tank pumped out recently and have a warning for any one that needs theirs pumped in the future. Septic tanks have two sides with each side having a removable cover to pump them out.  The first tank side is to get the solid waste and liquid waste. When it is full, the liquid goes into the second liquid tank side.  When it is full, the liquid goes into the drain field and then into the ground.  I was told to have both pumped about every 5 years but this depends on the number of people in the house.  I had mine pumped about 4 years ago and took measurements of where the tank pump cap was located.  Recently I had mine pumped I found out the company that pumped it out 4 years ago only pumped the liquid tank side.  This meant the solid tank continued to fill up causing my problem. As the solid tank was pumped, the worker looked at the top of the liquid tank and saw that the water was rushing in from the drain field indicating the drain field needed to be replaced.  Pump the tank = $350, Drain Field = $3,800. 

Warning:  If you have yours pumped, make sure they pump both sides of the tank.


We had our Hunters Trace Homeowners Association meeting on June 24, 2023 and voted to keep our current Board of Directors and voted to have a new fence built along NE 7th Street.  All Hunters Trace Homeowners will be assessed $365 per lot for the fence.  When official meeting minutes are sent to me, I will put them on this web page.  This should include how, when, and where to pay for this assessment.  Both of the letters from the HOA Meeting on June 24, 2023 are in the .PDF format in the Deed Restructions section.



Dear Homeowners, We would like to express our appreciation for your attendance at our Homeowners Association Meeting on Saturday, June 24, 2023, and for your Proxy vote when you were unable to attend in person. Your involvement in the decision making process is greatly valued and vital to the success of our Hunters Trace Community. We are pleased to inform you that the vote regarding the replacement of the front entrance fence was approved and passed. We achieved a substantial majority with 57 homeowners voting in favor of the proposal and 13 voting against it. This is a big step forward in not only the aesthetic appeal but also the security of our community’s front entrance. Once again, we appreciate your participation and contribution. Your support plays a role in shaping our community’s future. Thank you for being a valued member of our Hunters Trace Homeowners Association!

Sincerely,  Kevin Boutwell,  President



Kevin Boutwell opened the meeting at 9:09AM. Kevin thanked everyone for taking their time to attend our Saturday morning HOA meeting. He reminded everyone that this meeting is about voting on the new fence and also that it is time to nominate or re-elect Board Members for another term. He thanked Tim Bell for his time (8 years) as Treasurer on the HOA Board. He asked everyone to consider volunteering for the now open Treasurer position. Kevin asked if there was anyone who wanted to run for a Board position, no interest was shown. Chuck Trout made the motion to re-elect current board members for another term, another homeowner second the motion. Current board members were re-elected for another term. Tim Bell announced that he would be willing to extend serving as Treasurer until the end of the year while we continue to search for a new Treasurer volunteer, Thank you , Tim! Rebecca Ritz expressed a possible interest in serving as Treasurer. Kevin reviewed the new by-laws that we (the homeowners) passed last year, he also reviewed that the HOA fee has increased to $120.00 per year and that there are currently 12 homeowners who have not paid their dues for the current year. Kevin told everyone that a new neighborhood security surveillance sign has been put up at our front entrance. This is not surveillance by the police, but cameras at homes in our neighborhoods. Anything we can do to deter one person thinking of entering our neighborhood commit crime, the better. We can all be aware and help to keep our neighborhood safe. Kevin opened the discussion to the Vote regarding putting up a new front entrance fence. He reminded everyone that himself and the board make every effort to initiate measures which help to improve the community as a whole. Various questions were asked and answered regarding payment options (option to make 3 payments), number of estimates received (3), how long the current fence has been up (12 to 15 years), type of fence to be put up, and legal ownership of the fence. (Kevin told everyone that the HOA board members would look further into this matter). A homeowner expressed concerns regarding the homeowners who live along the fence, and the need for their commitment to keep trees and bushes away from the fence. A letter will be sent out to these homeowners with new guidelines requiring trees and shrubs to be kept 18 to 24 inches off the fence line in an effort to protect and preserve the integrity of the fence. Debbie read the minutes from the last board member meeting. The brief meeting was about the upcoming HOA neighborhood meeting on the proposed new fence and board member voting. Chuck made a motion to approve the minutes. Kevin second the motion to approve. Tim gave the financial report; $3,000 in the fence fund, $8,000 in the reserve fund, $7,518.32 in the General Fund, $15,518.32 in the total budget. He also reported that insurance for the board had gone up this year, $1,000. Tim confirmed that about 12 Homeowners have not paid their HOA for the current year. Kevin made a motion to approve the Financial Report, several homeowners second the motion. Kevin explained and started the voting process for replacing the current Front Entrance Fence with a new one. A quorum was reached, the voting totals between in person votes and Proxy votes was 57 YES votes and 13 NO Votes. The New Front Entrance Fence has been Approved and Voted for by the homeowners. Each homeowner (per lot) will be pay $365.00 for the new front entrance fence. The HOA will be sending out New Front Entrance Fence Invoices within the next couple weeks. Robin reminded everyone to go to the Hunters Trace Website (www.hunterstrace.org) to get neighborhood news and photos, as well as HOA meeting minutes and updates. Thanks so much Robin for your time and effort in maintaining our community website! Kevin Adjourned the meeting at 10:05AM, Tim Bell second the motion.

HOA Board Members Attending; Kevin Boutwell, President Ann Mercer, Vice President Cody Blair, Vice President Tim Bell, Treasurer Debbie Lucas, Secretary


Recent Documents: Look under "Deed Restrictions" on left side of the web page to see these documents.

06272023 Hunters Trace HOA Meeting

 06242023 HOA Fence Vote Results

03252023 Hunters Trace HOA Meeting

01292023 Hunters Trace Homeowners Association Board Meeting

08272022 Hunters Trace Annual HOA Meeting

08272022 HOA By-Laws_Rules

Be sure and remember:

1. Please stop completely at our Stop Signs.

2. Add a motion detector to your outside flood lights so they do not stay on all night shining into your neighbor's house.

3. Don't forget to get the approval of the Architectural Commeitee (Nancy Boutwell, Jerry Sutley, Chuck Trout) before painting your house, fences, getting new roof shingles, and other outside work done.


A Patriotic Hunters Trace Hawk: Walking my dogs today (6/29/2023) I saw a hawk fly into a tree and took these pictures with my iPhone set at 15X.



My pictures of the month using Bluetooth Blink Cameras.  I also got great pictures & videos of my Humming Birds, Cardinals, Tuffed Titmouse, & Squirrels.

These Blue Birds built a nest in my bird house and I was able to open the side panel and take a picture of the babies.  They will fly away soon.


Myself and others would like to know any experiences others have with people getting quotes and information about building and installing sheds. Please email me (Robin: [email protected]) any company names and phone numbers with your findings on the pros and cons of each company including any price comparisons.



New Windows?  My house is now 29 years old and needed new windows since the screens did not fit, permanent mold was on some edges, and some of the double pane glass had the seal broken.  After three quotes, I went with Window World.  There price was best and their windows had all the features I wanted with the options including energy efficiency.  The installation took 2 days and was suprisingly neat with do paint touch up required.  If anyone wants to talk about my experience, call me. Robin Corsiglia 352-804-4690.

We had our Hunters Trace Homeowners meeting – Saturday, March 19, 2022 and agreed to keep up the Hunters Trace

Robin Corsiglia  352-804-4690


 Current Board- June 2023:

 President:         Kevin Boutwell  [email protected]                     352-351-8476

Vice Predident: Cody Blair         [email protected]         352-427-1632                    

                          Ann Mercer     [email protected]            734-497-6721

 Treasure:          Tim Bell            [email protected]  352-624-0163 

 Secretary:         Deborah Lucas  [email protected]           352-620-5766


Please pick up after your dogs!!

I walk my two Scottie dogs along NE 51st Ave and in the last couple of weeks there has been a large increase of dog poops along the road or sidewalk.  Everyone needs to pick up after their dogs. 


Robin's Humming Bird Video 9/27/2020 Click : Here


Be sure and lock your cars if kept outside.  Someone had stuff stolen from their unlocked car in early September 2020.


Ocala Utilities Rebates:

Hunters Trace homeowner can get rebates from Ocala Utilities for New Solor Water Heater, Refrigerator, Programable Thermostat, Freezer, Diswasher, Clothes Dryer, Attic Insulation, Air Conditioner/Heatr Pump, Heat Pump Water Heater, Package Terminal AC or Heat Pump, and Commericial Lighting.  Go to this web site to fillout the rebate form after you buy the item.



Robin's 2019 Hurricane Check List: <--- Click Here


Send me your pet pictures with their name, wildlife pictures, and flowers taken in Hunters Trace for our Web Page.....


The Developer of Hunter’s Trace Subdivision filed a "Declaration for Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants" on March 14, 1989 in Public Records of Marion County , Florida , Book 1564, Pages 1086 through 1100. These Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants apply to each and every home and home site within the Hunter’s Trace Subdivision.

The residents of Hunter’s Trace held meetings on February 19, 20, and 23, 1994  to from a homeowners Association for the protection of the property values within the subdivision. An attorney was retained and corporate papers were completed making it a legal process. The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Hunter’s Trace Homeowners Association, Inc were filed with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations on May 16, 1994 , as a Not-For-Profit corporation under Florida Statute 617 and retains all of the authority and powers granted under this statue.

The primary purpose of the Hunter’s Trace Homeowner’s Association, Inc. is to maintain the beauty of our subdivision. Thereby  seeking voluntary compliance of each homeowner with the Declaration of Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants. This is to assure  increasing value of our homes and home sites and when necessary taking enforcement actions in cases where there is non-voluntary compliance.


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